Maths the wacky Way by Claire Gallagher

Maths the wacky Way by Claire Gallagher
Maths the wacky Way by Claire Gallagher
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Maths the Wacky Way

This book is for anyone studying Maths or wanting to assist others studying Maths. If you, your family or friends are sitting GCSEs shortly and you want to be able to assist them using fun, memorable methods, this book is ideal.

Parents have been buying the book so they can help their child without having to hire a private Maths tutor or buy study texts that get left on the shelf.  This book also appeals to teachers who want to try wacky methods in their class.

It doesn't matter which category you fall into, Maths the Wacky Way for Students...By a Student is the ultimate guide to getting your head around all areas on the Maths syllabus: algebra, trigonometry, equations, vectors, histograms, etc.

The book is full of colour, shows fully worked examples, practice questions at the end of each section and fully worked answers at the back of the book.

The great thing with this book is that it explains all areas of Maths in a modern and 'wacky' way - honestly Maths can be fun! Let Claire help you build on what you already know and help you crack those mental blocks to get that grade average up a notch or two.

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